Impax® TSS - Time Saver System
       Real Time Production Monitoring for Quality Manufacturing and Efficient Operation
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Monitoring Products
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All Categories

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IMPAX TSS-8 Monitor: Front

Production & Downtime Monitoring

IMPAX Time Saver monitors offer downtime analysis and production monitoring in easy-to-use touch screen systems. TSS monitors automatically collect information on production totals, machine efficiency, and accumulated machine uptime and downtime. All occurrences of downtime, and the corresponding reasons, are tracked and archived.

  • Simple Touch Screen Operation
  • Production and Efficiency Tracking
  • Uptime and Downtime Logging
  • Standalone or Networked Monitoring
TSS-NET Screen: Summary View

Production Monitoring Software

IMPAX TSS-NET software offers a real-time status view for IMPAX-TSS monitors, as well as networked data collection and downtime analysis.

  • Real-Time Status View
  • Complete Network Integration
  • Historical Analysis of Parts, Jobs, and Operators
  • Custom Report Generation
IMPAX-SK Process Monitor

Other Monitoring Products

A variety of other monitoring products are available, including piezo-electric force sensors, process monitors, and additional counting/measurement tools. These tools are suitable for applications in metal forming, stamping, cutting, thread rolling, drilling and tapping, and hand-fed applications.

  • Sensor Technology
  • IMPAX Monitors
  • IMPAX-SK Monitors
  • IMPAX PASS Monitors
  • IMPAX RLM Monitors